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No Appointment Necessary | Open 7 Days a Week From 8AM to 8PM

Urgent Care in Beaumont

Walk-in care for everyday medical needs

Urgent Care in Beaumont

Faster, low-cost emergency room alternative

Urgent Care Employer Services in Beaumont

Workers comp. and other employer services

Urgent Care for Beaumont, TX

Our urgent care center in Beaumont is open every day with extended hours. No appointments are needed, and we accept most insurance plans. Doctors Express Urgent Care in Beaumont treats a wide variety of issues such as cuts and bruises, sore throats, fractures, and everything in between. Our walk in clinic allows you to get hospital quality care without having to sit in an emergency room for hours, and when you can't meet with your primary doctor.

We have on-site lab tests and x-rays with no appointments needed to get care. We're a state-of-the-art urgent and express care center with professional medical staff on-site every day.



"Rebecca, P.A., Stormy and Amy H. took very good care of me. I've visited this location on several occasions and each time I'm blown away by the cleanliness, professionalism and overall care I get. I will highly recommend DE to my friends and family."

- John F.


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